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Code of Conduct

All athletes must abide by a Code of Conduct Agreement while traveling, training, and competing as members of Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo.  Listed below is an overview of expectations.

All Athletes  / Parents agree to hold athletes accountable to:

1.  Travel with an adult chaperone.  There is absolutely no exception to this

2.  A nightly curfew will be established and strictly observed

3.  All meetings, training sessions, sightseeing tours, etc. will be attended.  Athletes will be puctual.

4.  Zero tolerance regarding tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs.

5.  All physical damage occurring in a hotel room will be paid for by the registered occupant(s) of that room

6.  Zero tolerance regarding unacceptable behavior.  This includes but is not limited to:

a) committing an act which would be considered an offense under laws of the US, the host country, or US Water Polo

b) Gross misbehavior or unsportsmanlike conduct

c) Disrespect to the coaching staff / parent chaperones

Athletes present while any prohibited activities occur must leave immediately and notify the head coach.  If you fail to do so, you will be considered a participant by choice.  Athletes observing or having knowledge of any activity which may result in bodily harm must immediately report the activity to the head coach.

Violations of any of the above may entail, depending upon the circumstances, the following:

Ful or partial restriction of movement or participation in activities on the trip

Immediate removal from the team and sent back home at parent’s expense

The coaching staff assumes an enormous degree of responsibility on any  trip.  All athletes and parents must be in agreement with the Code of Conduct Agreement.  The head coach will have the final say in all matters of team discipline.

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