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Q:  How do I register and sign up for the actual program?

A:  Sign-ups can take place on the pool deck.  You will need to have health insurance information and well as some form of verification of birthday for the participant.  That form of verification can be a birth certificate, passport, drivers license, etc.  It needs some form of birthdate verification.

Q:  What is the cost for the program?

A:  The cost of the program is $250 regardless of when you sign up.  The earlier you get yourself involved the more value for your membership.  We reduce the cost for siblings participating.  For one member $250, two members an additional $100, three and any other members $50 more.

Q:  What do the dues go towards?

A:  There are many costs associated with the program.  There are equipment costs, some pool rental fees, the cost of lifeguards, and some custodial expenses.  The biggest expense are team entry fees in tournaments.  Tournament costs range from $200 all the way to $950.  We try to field as many teams as we can, so this is a major expense.  Also, our coaches are independent contractors, and as such receive an hourly wage.  As a 501(c) non-profit corporation, our tax returns must reflect this status.  Individuals are more than welcome to take a look at our tax returns to see actual expenses.

Q:  What kind of payment do you take for the program?

A:  We take checks made out to MSWP, Inc., cash, and we also now take credit cards

Q:  What if we sign up and discover that this is just not for us?

A:  Our policy is to allow for two free practices if you are unsure of whether they will enjoy the sport or not, after that point in time we would expect you to join the team.

Q:  What about team affiliation issues?  We are signed up with USWP for another team

A: ¬†This is not a problem as long as you aren’t entering in National Championships. ¬†We do enter Junior Olympics, and for that you MUST be registered with MSWP. ¬†There is a date that this switching on your club affiliation MUST take place to participate with MSWP. ¬†That date is May 1st this year. ¬†You still can practice/play in non-national championship events with your high school teams, etc. but not national championships

Q:  What is the difference between the gold and silver membership?

A:  To enter into National Championships, or ODP you must have a gold membership Рall other events only require a silver level membership.  If you decide to upgrade to gold it is not a difficult procedure and the difference can be paid online through USWP

Q:  Is there a team suit?

A:  No, but as the season progresses, sometimes a parent or older player will want to have a team suit and will have the information available at the pool.  This usually happens in the spring.  If any parent would like to be responsible for this, we are more than happy to have this happen.



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