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Team Standings WAC




Beyer,  Ceres, Grace Davis, Johansen, Los Banos, Mountain House, Pacheco

Place Var. Boys Record Place Var. Girls Record
1st Johansen 12-0 1st Beyer 12-0
2nd  Beyer 10-2 2nd  Ceres 10-2
3rd G.Davis 8-4 3rd  Johansen 8-4
4th Ceres 7-5 4th  LosBanos  6-6
5th Los Banos 4-8 5th  Pacheco  3-9
6th  Pacheco  1-11 6th  G. Davis 3-9
7th  Mountain House  0-12 7th  Mountain House 0-12
8th xxxxx xxxxx 8th  xxxxx xxxxx


Place F/S Boys Record Place F/S Girls Record
1st Beyer 2-0 1st Beyer 4-0
2nd  Johansen 0-2 2nd Johansen 0-4
3rd Ceres no team 3rd Ceres 2-2
4th Mountain House no team 4th  Mountain House no team
5th Los Banos no team 5th  Los Banos no team
6th Pacheco no team 6th Pacheco no team
7th Grace Davis no team 7th Grace Davis no team
8th 8th

Team Standings:  COACHES ONLY!  If your team information is incorrect please email me and I will adjust it.  Also, if you think there is information that would be beneficial for the league to know that is not here drop a suggestion to me.  Thank you.  bbrentpolo@aol.com

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