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Notable Members


Following are an incomplete list of former players for MSWP who went on to play DIVISION I, NCAA water polo. As stated this is an incomplete list – if you, or someone who you know has been left off of this list please notify Brent and he will make sure that the information is added to this page. Additionally players who have made a Junior National USA team, or Senior National USA team, as well as the USA Olympic team are listed here.

ALL players listed here played at least a minimum of TWO seasons for MSWP

  • Amy Halley UC San Diego [ also member National Junior team]
  • Lauren Young UC Davis
  • Laura Tognolini UC Davis
  • Kathleen O’Connell Cal Poly [also member National Junior Team]
  • Minda Jensen BYU (member Naitonal Junior Team)
  • Lotty Hellested ¬†CSU San Jose (member Senior B team)
  • Wendy Johnson UC Santa Cruz
  • Joy McCandless UC Santa Cruz
  • Robbie Strauss Harvard
  • Tom Gratian Williams, Mass.
  • Chris Gratian Princeton
  • Sananah Kelley San Diego State Univ. [also team captain her final two years]
  • Christine Zador USC
  • Liz Grimes ¬†CSU Long Beach
  • Margie Dingledien Stanford [also member 2004 U.S. Olympic Team]
  • Heather Moody San Diego State Univ. [also member and team captain US Olympic Team 2000,2004] US Water Polo Hall of Fame
  • Wendy Watkins Stanford [also National Junior team and Final Four Division I player of the year]
  • Shanon Avrett Stanford
  • Melisa Brimm San Diego State Univ [also member National Junior Team]
  • Marcus Sharar University of the Pacific
  • Eric Sharar University of the Pacific
  • Paul Nelson Cal Berkeley
  • Maureen Travers Harvard
  • Tammy Turbovich Ohio State
  • Alex LaFaunce Brown
  • Shawna Caballero UC San Diego
  • Elisa Kessler Stanford
  • Robbie Larson Slippery Rock [also member National Junior Team]
  • Janell Odom UC Davis [also member National Junior Team]
  • Abby White San Jose State University
  • Katie Hill Hawaii
  • Holly Hamilton USC
  • Brenton Reiton UC San Diego [also member National Junior and Senior team]
  • Cyndee Jones UC Davis [also member National Junior and Senior team]
  • Kristy Dickey UC Davis [also member National Junior Team]
  • Tyley McBroom Pepperoni
  • Joey Rossi University of Pacific
  • Geraldine Hazlett San Jose State University
  • Katie Carson Indiana University
  • Ryley Plunkett University of Michigan
  • Courtney Young Cal Berkeley [also member National Junior team and 2000 US Olympic Team]
  • Liz Grimes Long Beach University [also member Junior National team]
  • Yvonne Conard UC Santa Barbara
  • Tracy Prioetti Slipper Rock [also member Junior Nat. Team and Div I Player of the Year]
  • Michelle Carroll UC San Diego (also member Junior Nat. Team and Senior B Team)
  • Stacy Friedman UCLA [also member Junior National Team]
  • Jodi Schmidt UCLA
  • Kara Watkins UC Santa Barbara
  • Shawna Shipley UC Santa Barbara
  • Emily Peck UC Davis
  • Taylor Clute Long Beach State University
  • Becky Sensney San Diego State University
  • Agnes Denouden San Diego State University
  • Kristen Razarri Cal Berkeley
  • Megan Bohlender San Jose State University
  • Lyndsay Sutterley UC Davis
  • Lindsay Pengilly UOP / Sonoma State
  • Steve Giahos Cal Berkeley
  • Taylor Hanson ¬†CSU Bakersfield
  • Brad Fuller ¬†Concordia
  • Rachel Farley ¬†CSU Bakersfield
  • Ian Roos ¬†Fresno Pacific
  • Jay Gustafson Fresno Pacific
  • Brooke Bates ¬†UC Santa Barbara
  • Elaine Russo ¬†Villanova
  • Lindsay Burt ¬†UC Santa Cruz
  • Kaysie Lewis ¬†CSU Sonoma
  • Morgan Hurley ¬†Colorado State University / UOP
  • Alison Miller University of Pacific
  • Corey Plaster ¬†Concordia
  • Kyla Houck ¬†- Occidental
  • Carly Wickman – CSU Northridge
  • Gabbi Manteillo – University of Hawaii (Brazilian National Team – Olympics 2016
  • Kristine Grothguth – CSU Monterey Bay
  • Tyler Jamieson – CSU San Jose
  • Nic Serratos – CSU San Jose

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