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Water Polo Registration 2018


All members of Modesto-Stanislaus Water Polo must register with MSWP and USA Water Polo.

This is a link to the email list and is NOT the formal registration regarding dues, etc.  The password to this link is “member”    We will register members on the deck – the cost is $250 before April 1st, after April 1st it rises to $275, and then to $300 on June 1st.   The dues are from 1/1/18 to 12/31/18.   When you come to the pool to register please make the check out to MSWP, Inc.     You also will need to fill out your health insurance information –   For each additional child take off $50

USA Water Polo registration

Registration Form Water Polo – 2018


ALL COMMUNICATION IS BY EMAIL    Email address ____________________________


Name ____________________________________  DOB ________  M or F (circle)


Name ____________________________________  DOB  ________ M or F (circle)


Name ____________________________________  DOB  ________ M or F (circle)


Address __________________________________________________


City       ___________________    Zip code ________    Shirt size _________

Parents names ____________________________________________________________


Checks made to:  MSWP, Inc.


Individuals must become members of USA Water Polo if they plan to play in any tournaments or games.  If you are planning on playing in tournaments the minimum level is “silver.”  If you are on the Junior Olympics team you must have a “gold” membership.  The link to sign up online is:


www.usawaterpolo.org            The club number is  176


Modesto/Stanislaus Emergency Medical Information


Participant name _____________________________Present Age______ DOB ________

Sex:  M / F

Father/Guardian  _____________________________ Contact number _______________

Mother/Guardian _____________________________ Contact number _______________


In the event of emergency and parents/guardians cannot be reached, call

Name _______________________ Phone # _____________ Relationship ____________

Name _______________________ Phone # _____________ Relationship ____________


In the event of an accident or other emergency, I hereby authorize a representative of MSWP to make such arrangements considered necessary for my child to receive medical or hospital care, including transportation under such circumstances.  I further authorize the physician named below or any licensed physician or surgeon to undertake such care and treatment of my child as he/she considers necessary


Insurance carrier __________________________________ Medical number ______________

Physician Name __________________________________  Phone number _______________


The undersigned hereby agrees to bear all costs incurred as a result of the foregoing, and this authorization will remain in effect until revoked by

X ________________________________ Date ________________

Mother/Guardian Signature

X ________________________________ Date ________________

Father/Guardian Signature



Does your child have any allergies of which we should be aware of ? (circle)  yes / no

If yes, please list and explain _____________________________________________________

Are there any previous injuries, handicaps, illness, or disease we should be aware of (cir)  yes/ no

If yes, please list and explain _____________________________________________________

Does your child currently take any medication? (circle)  yes / no

If yes, please list and explain _____________________________________________________




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